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can you get a payday loan on your walmart money card?

Question by jeffdayslittlebrat: can you get a payday loan on your walmart money card?
i was approved for a payday loan and i gave the routing number and account number from my walmart money card. the loan shows it was deposited into my account but it doesnt show on my card

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Answer by dylansmom25
call the payday loan place.. I dont think you can do that it has to be an actual checking account..

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October 6, 2011

A payday loan is also called as cash till payday loan, because you have to repay it on your first or subsequent paydays. It is recommended though that you repay it on your first payday itself. This creates a good impression about you and you can borrow a higher amount the next time around Provided that you haveYou save even more time with the online version of the payday loan service and in some cases; the money has been transferred into the account in as less as 5 to 6 hours. Now, that is what you call fast service.

October 6, 2011

The money needs to go into an actual checking or savings.


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